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Japanese sailor-style school uniform - a worldwide icon of kawaii

Here’s a cool new article on the history of the Japanese sailor-style school uniform. It covers the invention of the uniform (90 years ago) all the way up to the uniform’s current status as a symbol of kawaii around the world!

The two-part sailor-style school uniform worn today was first introduced in Japan at Fukuoka Jo Gakuin Junior and Senior High School in Fukuoka Prefecture, some 90 years ago, in 1921. The figure behind the switch was 27-year-old American missionary Elizabeth Lee, who was serving as the school’s principal at the time, and trying to teach the girls to play volleyball.

At the time, all the girls wore Japanese-style clothes, which were restricting their mobility. After watching her students struggle to move around, Lee came up with the idea of using sailor-style clothes, which she herself liked to wear. The sailor outfit, which was traditionally worn by members of the navy, was back then a popular trend among women in the U.S. and Europe…

Full article here.